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Tokengating campaigns overview


You're looking to connect with your community via web3 and want to provide utility via tokengating. When creating a tokengating campaign using the PERCS NFT Gating app on a Shopify store there are three main components

Tokengated Utility - What the holders will be able to receive, for example:
Exclusive access
Exclusive discounts
This also includes how many times they can access this utility per NFT, either a limited number of times per NFT or an unlimited number of times as long as the campaign is running
Products - What products will be part of the tokengating campaign
Audience - Who gets to access the utility


Exclusive Giveaway Robert Mondavi Winery gave holders of their NFTs an exclusive bottle of their wine in a Bernardaud bottle
Early Access Applied Primate Engineering gave their holders early access to their phygital cards
Exclusive Discounts Steve Aoki provided exclusive discounts to holders of his A0K1VERSE collection on his merch in the Dim Mak store

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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