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Tokengating Products


As part of a tokengating campaign the product or group of products included can either be added individually or as a group. Here's the instructions on how to do both

Note that products associated with tokengating campaigns with exclusive access to the product and a limited redemption per NFT can not be used in another tokengating campaign

The steps to add multiple products quickly is useful but not intuitive until you've done it a couple of times

Adding products individually

In the campaign creation page under the Products section click on the Add products button
From here you can select each product that will be part of the campaign individually
You can also filter products by name in the 🔍 Search products field at the top

Adding individual products to a tokengating campaign

Adding multiple products quickly

From the Shopify admin page select Products
Select the products that will be part of the campaign
There is an option to select all products
You can also filter by name or category
At the bottom of the screen there is a modal with buttons such as bulk edit, Set as Active etc. Click on the ... more options button
Select Add PERCS in the dropdown menu
You may need to scroll to the bottom
You are now taken to the tokengating campaign creation screen with the selected products already included

Adding multiple products quickly

Can I edit the products in a live campaign?

At this time you can not edit the products in a created campaign

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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