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Combining discount campaigns


When creating a tokengated discount campaign the discount rule is set to not combine with other discounts by default. These values can be edited in the discount rule section of the Shopify Admin and the steps to do so are below in the section titled

Shopify rules on combining discounts

Discount rules created by Shopify trump any settings created by PERCS. More details on Shopify's discount combination rules can be found in this doc by Shopify. These rules are changed frequently by Shopify but as of the date this doc was last edited these are the key restrictions

Customers can use a maximum of 5 product or order discount codes and 1 shipping discount code on the same order.
When multiple product discounts apply to the same line item, only the best discount is applied.
Multiple order discounts can apply to the same order.### How to combine tokengating discount campaigns

How to combine tokengating discount campaigns

From the Shopify Admin page click on the Discounts tab
Shopify admin discounts tab
Click on the discount rule with the same name as the tokengating campaign you'd like to enable discount combinations
It will start with DO NOT EDIT but ignore this warning
Scroll down to the Combinations section
Discount rule combination options
Select the wanted combinations options
Product discounts
Order discounts
Shopping discounts
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save button

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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