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Why are Frames not editable once published?

Hub offers a powerful toolset for creating and managing content, but there's a key point to remember: once a Frame is published, it becomes locked for editing.

Here's why editing published Frames on Hub isn't possible:

Edits would not accurately reflect on the platform the frame is posted on.

Once published, a Frame becomes a fixed point in its history. This allows users to see the exact version that was published and shared.

What can you do instead of editing it?

While editing published Frames isn't an option, there are ways to address potential issues:

Duplicate the Published Frame: If you want to publish the same Frame with changes you can duplicate a frame on Hub and edit it.

Create a New Frame: If you discover a critical error after publishing, you can always delete the old frame and create a new Frame with the corrected information.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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