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How to send a message to your subscribers

Navigate to your messaging tab on your admin panel & click the "Create message" button.

Click the "Campaign name" field to give your campaign a name.

This is for internal use only. Message recipients will not be able to view this.

Next click the "Message" field to add a message. This is the message that will be sent to your customers. You can click the templates button to use a template generated by Percs.

You cannot create your own custom templates. Clicking the template button will erase any text in the message field.

(Optional) You can schedule your message to be sent at a later date & time by toggling the switch next to the '"Schedule message for later"

When you're ready to schedule / send your message you can click the schedule / send message button. Your message will be added to the messaging campaign table.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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